WARNING: This API will shutdown in early 2023. Please consider migrating to a different elevation API.

Unlimited elevations at 5km resolution, for free!
5 to 30 meter resolutions @ $0.0002 per GET request
90 meter resolutions @ $0.0001 per GET request

See how it works

Extremely simple API...

Make a GET request to https://elevation-api.io/api/elevation?points=(39.90974,-106.17188),(62.52417,10.02487)&key=YOUR-API-KEY-HERE

This will yield elevations @ 5000 meter resolution:
{ "elevations": [ {"lat":39.90974, "lon":-106.17188, "elevation":2768.5}, {"lat":62.52417, "lon":10.02487, "elevation":1051.5} ], "resolution": "5000m" }

Include an API key in the url ?key=YOUR-API-KEY or within the header under ELEVATION-API-KEY

API rules

Elevation API
Elevation API

90 meter resolution

$0.0001 per GET request; only $10 per 100k!

Requires an API key with positive balance; just add resolution=90 to your requests! You can add resolution=90-interpolated for $0.00015 per GET request.

This is ~10x cheaper than other comparable API services!

Elevation API

5 to 30 meter resolution

$0.0002 per GET request

This yields elevations between 5 and 30 meter resolutions! In the worst case you'll get 30 meter; most of Europe and the US are 5-10 meter resolution.

Requires an API key with positive balance; just add resolution=30 to your requests! You can add resolution=30-interpolated for $0.0003 per GET request.

With the interpolated option we emulate ~10 meter resolution!

API Rules, Information & Restrictions:

  • If your API Key has an empty balance, the API will automatically return 5000 meter resolutions.
  • All requests are limited to 10 points per GET request and 250 per POST request.
  • POST based requests are charged 10x the equivalent GET request; so for 250 points, this is 2.5x cheaper per point vs GET requests, and also 2.5x cheaper than other leading elevation providers for bulk type requests.
  • JSON in POST requests should be in the following format: {"points": [[12.3,45.6],[12.4,23.4]]}
  • Each account can have up to 10 API keys.
  • Points not found (rare) will be returned as -9999
  • Requests made without a key, are limited to 5 req/sec.
  • Requests made with a key, are limited to 30 req/sec.
  • When including an API key in your requests, either insert it into the url query: key=YOUR-API-KEY or in the header of the request under ELEVATION-API-KEY
  • By using the service, you are accepting the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. (Links below)

Get an API key for better resolutions!